The Eastern: Book One: The Early Years

In the early 1800s, five families settle on the Eastern River in Pittston, Maine. Together, they build a strong and lasting neighborhood, an agricultural community based on New England values of cooperation and reciprocity.

The Eastern: Book Two: Later On

After the Civil War, the Eastern River families of Pittston prosper during Maine’s Golden Age of Agriculture. As they move into the 20th century, however, social and industrial changes present challenges to the close-knit agrarian neighborhood.

The Eastern novels flow through the experiences and truths we share with those who have lived before us.







The Eastern  Book One: The Early Years was a 2016 Maine Literary Book Award Finalist.


I can think of no other writer who renders rural Maine on the page as well as Deb Gould…her unflinching eye and keen ear are those of a master storyteller. Set in a corner of hardscrabble rural Maine, these stories…come alive through Gould’s distilled, elemental prose.

Susan Conley,
author of Paris Was the Place