The Eastern, Book 1The Eastern Book One: The Early Years

In the early 1800s, five families settle on the Eastern River in Pittston, Maine. Together, they build a strong and lasting neighborhood, an agricultural community based on New England values of cooperation and reciprocity.

Both fiction and social history, The Eastern flows through the experiences and truths we share with those who have lived before us.

An excerpt from The Eastern won the 2014 Maine Literary Award for Short Works-Fiction.

Gould’s unflinching eye and keen ear are those of a master storyteller. Set in a corner of hardscrabble rural Maine, these stories…come alive through Gould’s distilled, elemental prose.

Susan Conley,
author of Paris Was the Place

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The Eastern Book One: The Early Years


Father is here…he’s fat as a pig


Here’s a collection of messages on cards postmarked in Maine between1900-1920. Some are richly detailed while others are sparse; they’re terribly unsophisticated or surprisingly funny. There are three written in code, one in shorthand, and even one in mirror writing; others are examples of dreadful puns and classic one-liners.

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Father is here…he’s fat as a pig