“Deborah Gould’s meticulous research and her vivid, beautifully crafted language will transport you into the lives of people who were neglected by history.”

—Eleanor Morse, author of Margreete’s Harbor and White Dog Fell from the Sky

The latest by Deborah Gould…

Kate Meader

Kate Meader has had her share of hard times.

The deaths of both her young son and her husband during the Civil War years left her struggling in the aftermath of loss.

She eventually finds stability and purpose when she accepts the position of live-in cook at the almshouse in Gardiner, Maine. Here she feeds the homeless residents of the city—the poor, the infirm, the defective.

The “rabble,” as she first thinks of them.

Then in January of 1900, a new inmate appears at the city farm, a Civil War veteran named Nicholas Dale, and Kate’s life takes a turn.


Exquisite attention to detail delivered with tender lyricism…nobody makes the people of Maine’s forgotten past come to life like Deborah Gould.

—Jennifer Lunden, author of
American Breakdown: Our Ailing Nation, My Body’s Revolt, and the Nineteenth- Century Woman Who Brought Me Back to Life