About the Author

Deborah Gould

Deborah Gould grew up in Portland and Brunswick, Maine. After college in New Hampshire, she moved to Boston and worked for a major publishing firm, but soon came to her senses and moved back to Maine.

She was a long-time volunteer for two domestic violence agencies in Maine, facilitating support groups for women in abusive relationships. She served on the Board of Directors of The Family Violence Project in Augusta, Maine, and currently appears on panels and in discussion groups for Finding Our Voices.

A member of the Cumberland Street Writers, she also belongs to a small, unprogrammed Quaker Meeting.

Gould is a three-season resident of Brunswick and summers on Flying Pond in Mount Vernon, Maine.



The Eastern: The Early Years (Maine Authors Publishing, 2015)

The Eastern: Later On (Maine Authors Publishing, 2018)

Household (Maine Authors Publishing, 2021)

Kate Meader (Maine Authors Publishing, 2023)


Maine Literary Awards (Short Fiction) Finalist, 2013

Maine Literary Awards (Short Fiction) Winner, 2014

Maine Literary Awards (Fiction Book) Finalist, 2016